Operational Technology (OT) leaders are faced with a complex set of challenges when it comes to enabling secure remote access to physically-isolated OT assets and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). OT leaders walk a tightrope between providing safe and secure access while also optimizing operational efficiencies, preserving the health and safety of workers and the general public, empowering remote workforces and supporting accelerated digital transformation within their organizations. That’s a tall order for any OT or cybersecurity leader. 

We created an eBook, informed by our years of experience building secure remote access tools specifically for industrial organizations, to help OT leaders navigate these challenges successfully. This eBook will help clarify your decisions as you’re evaluating alternatives to your existing remote access tools, so you can optimize  user experience, operational efficiencies, and the cybersecurity posture of your OT infrastructure.


Read the eBook, “The 5 Must-Haves for Modernizing OT Remote Access,” to learn:

  • Why IT-centric remote access tools fall short
  • The 5 criteria for a modern OT remote access tool
  • The expected benefits of a zero trust access management approach for OT
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