Xage Zero Trust Access provides access and attack prevention combined with universal zero trust network access (ZTNA) and privileged access management (PAM).

  • Prevent insider threats and attackers with stolen credentials
  • Achieve granular secure access without the risk of VPNs and jump servers. No agents required.
  • Simplify access and security and eliminate remote access risk.
Whether you’ve been affected by recent vulnerabilities in widespread VPN and VDI products, or just want to stay ahead of advanced threats, this free trial is for you.

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“Xage is tackling one of our nation’s most urgent challenges - to cyber harden digital systems and critical infrastructure while protecting them against increasingly advanced cyber threats. Xage and SAIC help accelerate the adoption of Zero Trust principles throughout the Federal Government, using Xage’s technology to protect digitally transforming enterprises from cyber-attacks.”

Lauren Knausenberger

Chief Innovation Officer, SAIC


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