Technologies currently used to secure IT/OT operations are falling short. Today’s security solutions (firewalls, VPN, DMZ) as well as access and data management approaches are outdated, overly complex, inflexible, error-prone and lack the ability to scale and meet the demands of distributed, yet connected, operations. Furthermore, current remote access solutions (VPNs and firewalls) are often the key attack path in many wide-spread security breaches.

Xage has taken a transformative approach to protecting these IT/OT systems, using identity-based access control to protect users, machines, apps, and data, at the edge and in the center / cloud. Xage enforces Zero Trust Access (ZTA) to secure operations and data simply and universally. This includes overall system visibility and managed access that adjusts dynamically, based on the identity of users, machines, and applications to make authorized interactions both convenient and more secure. Xage works with existing systems with no changes required to operational assets or networks. Whether you are in IT, OT, security, network management, process engineering, operations or business transformation, the Xage Security Fabric has been designed with your needs in mind...download the whitepaper to read more.